Useful Questions

What is a inverter?

The inverter (can see it referred to as inverter or converter) is a device that converts DC  current of the PV system into alternating AC 220V power, so it can be channeled to the grid.

What is the interest in solar energy?

The Greek Parliament has altered the feed-in tariff laws so the price per KWh is granted and much higher than the cost of buying electricity directly from the national electricity grid (ΔΕΗ). So the client has a short term payback time and a reasonable profit beyond that.

Why go Solar?

The use of solar panels dramatically reduces the size of your carbon footprint. Solar energy is a renewable alternative to power plants that burn fossil fuels and emit greenhouse gases, which lead to global warming. The decision to go solar, made by thousands of people and businesses, reinforces Greece commitment to a healthy environment.

Solar panels require little or no upkeep, rarely break or wear out, and can last for up to 25 years, providing you with clean, consistent energy. Also, much of the cost for the system can be offset with National and International rebates.

The use of solar energy makes the future bright for Greece and its residents and leaves a legacy of clean energy and a strong, unsoiled, environment for generations to come.

SOLAR ROOFS – Who can join in the PV-Building Project?

Every household and small company who wishes to plant PV modules up to 10KWp, on the roof or in any other part of the building. In order to join in the project the client will have to own thebuilding.