Our company undertakes the design, study construction and interconnection of parks with the method of "turn-key solution". Our policy is to deliver to our clients a well-constructed system, prepared in compliance with the installation standard of equipment as well as schedules of the agreement. The aim is to deliver a PV-park ready to produce the maximum electricity, generating immediate profits, thus starting the payback period.


Security - Remote Monitoring

We offer comprehensive proposals ensuring the safety of equipment both during construction and during operation of the PV-plant since we install an integrated security system consisting alarm, surveillance cameras and remote monitoring.

Our clients can also remotely monitor the measurements of the inverters, viewing at real-time the production of electricity, and various statistics. Moreover, if a solar tracker is installed our clients can also remotely monitor its telemetry.



Our company offers a proper operation and installation warranty for five years. Moreover all of the equipment has established a quality management system that is in conformance with the International Standard providing the warranties below:

1.PV - Panels: 5-12 years

2.Solar Inverters: 3-5 years

3.Solar Trackers: 15-20 years